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Our Region & Mandate

The Eastern Region Sport & Recreation Council Inc is focused on providing services to residents of Prince Edward Island who live east of the Brackley Point Rd and west of Dingwell Mills. The ERSRCINC work collaboratively with the Eastern Kings Sports Council to provide after school and go!PEI programming for those residents who live east of Dingwell Mills, within what is considered the Eastern Kings region of Prince Edward Island.

The mission of the Eastern Region Sport & Recreation Council is to promote, encourage, and assist communities and citizens to participate in activities related to sport, recreation, physical activity, and healthy living in a supportive and positive setting.

More specifically, we offer programs related to:
  1. Supporting volunteer organizations that offer sport, recreation, and healthy living opportunities within rural PEI
  2. Offering programs in rural communities that have no paid recreation leadership
  3. Promotion of existing programs to a wider audience
  4. Determining gaps in services and working with community members to fill those gaps
We are open and interested in partnerships related to any of the above, and love to get feedback and ideas from those living in our region.

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