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Since we were incorporated in 2011, we have offered a variety of programs in partnership with communities and by ourselves which encourages and supports citizens in increasing their physical activity levels and making healthier food choices.  We are interested in working with you to offer any of these programs, or new ideas that you may have, in your community.  Simply contact us to get started.

Hiking Series
This program has been an open program for anyone wishing to participate where we set up a schedule of hikes at different trails within the region and then promote the time and location to citizens.  We have a leader who meets the participants at the trailhead and leads the hikes.  These can be modified for any target group and is a great way to learn different trails in the region.

Learn to Skate Program
During the winter months we piloted a learn to skate program for families (children & adults) who have never learned to skate.  The session was lead by a few community volunteers who are able to teach skating skills.  This program was very popular with participants.

Cycling on the Trail
Sometimes in partnership with Island Trails and sometimes by ourselves we will go out and work with a group to create a cycling program on the Confederation Trail.  We work to find a leader who will attend each session and the group meets at a specific time and location and heads up for a recreational bike ride.

Active Start Program
This program is for children aged 4 to 6 years and is designed to teach them fundamental movements skills which allows them to increase their physical literacy and be more comfortable in physical activity and sport as they grow older.

After School Programs
We work with schools and community to develop programs that is of interest for the children living in a particular community or attending a specific school.  An example of this was an after school gymnastic program which was created in the spring of 2012 at Englewood and Amherst Cove Schools.

Minor Sport Organization Setup
We work with community volunteers to assist in the creation of a minor sport organization which supports children & youth participating in a specific activity.  This past winter/spring we worked with volunteers in the North Rustico area to develop a minor basketball association which will be ready to offer programs in the fall/winter of 2012-13.

go! PEI Programs
We work with a number of communities, recreation professionals and volunteer champions in promoting and offering go! PEI programs related to physical activity and healthy eating.  These include walking and learn to run programs, veggie box programs and healthy eating sessions.

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